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La Sirena T’s Bags Garden Signs




This week was simple.62615 final-2


 We did a collection of men’s t’s.

 Sloop Logo back,   a turtle front over our Splash colorway.

turtle front, sloop logo back.  colorway  splash
turtle front, sloop logo back. colorway splash

Next I found a group of bags to work

.62615 final-18


.62615 final-19

62615 final-1762615 final-16

tote bags, one shoulder bag
tote bags, one shoulder bag

62615 final-6

After that I wondered what to do with some signs.

I want to  put these on the East End road.

For now, I settled on the garden wall.

for the garden
for the garden

Remember the “Burma shave” signs along the road in the 60’s?

4 signs, one message
4 signs, one message

62615 final-22

62615 final-23

62615 final-24

We decide to auction off this sign which was hanging at the Coral Bay triangle.

sloop sign

Then I finished a group of mermaid T’s.

On Hi Lo tissue fabric, others on vneck T & men’s T’s.

Each print slightly different.

men's t's, Hi Lo tissue t, v neck t
men’s t’s, Hi Lo tissue t,
v neck t

62615 final-8 62615 final-9 62615 final-10 62615 final-11 62615 final-12 62615 final-13 62615 final-14 62615 final-15

now it’s saturday.

off to play on a roof

hanging a dish.

satellite ishes
satellite ishes

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