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Painting With Rainbows!

New tings are going on this season at Sloop Jones and we are all so excited to share them with you!  New people have joined the team, new influences (rainbows!!!) are inspiring our collections, and a new storefront with a brand new line opens this month in Coral Bay.

Let me introduce myself, I’m Lena, one of the newbies, and I’m helping out with the beautiful new website designed by Ashley Joy Ladlie.  Maybe you’ve noticed we now have an online shop? I’ll be adding our new items and color collections regularly.  Join our mailing list to keep up to date and informed of our newest products and online only special sales.

Mailing List Sign-Up

And what’s all this about rainbows? Well, the Sloop Jones workspace has always been bursting with all the colors of the rainbow and now it’s influence is ever more present as a new line of hand-painted, rainbow-inspired home decor is in the works.  Photos and online sales soon come! (It’s gorgeous, you are going to love it!)  And that’s right, the first people to hear about it will be on our mailing list.  🙂

So, the influence of rainbows on Sloop this season can’t go by without mention of another new team member.  Felicia Renaud of Mood-Lights has joined our painting team and her love of rainbows has made an impact for true! Her incredible hand-painted lighting is influenced by rainbows and is just as mesmerizing as it is truly unique.  These lights are socially and eco-consciously made and many of her products are upcycled and/or solar powered.  Add that to these lights being hand-made by an artist running her own small business and you really can’t do any better!


Check out Felicia’s work on her website and shop her Etsy shop!

Mood-Lights Website

Mood Lights Etsy Shop

And don’t forget to sign-up for the newsletter with more info on all the new happenings going on at Sloop Jones!


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