Canvas Cadet Cap


A hip way to cover your head, this canvas cadet cap will increase the casually cool factor of any guy or gal who dons it.


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This Canvas Cadet Cap is available online in the following color collections:

  • Blue Wash: A color wash of cerulean and sapphire with hints of lemon yellow and a few drizzles and dabs of black.
  • Confetti: Confetti is a celebration of cerulean, seafoam, gold, and orange…swooshing, dripping, and drizzling with glee on a canvas of white
  • Mayan Sunset: This collection reflects the awe of majestic sunsets that have inspired ancient art to modern photography with hues of yellow and orange ambers pushing through magenta with splash accents of Caribbean Sea worthy turquoise.
  • Purple Sage: Purple Sage showcases the beauty and wisdom found in shades of purple used throughout history to symbolize royalty and the divine. Light aqua shimmers through as drizzles of gold amber and deep aqua accent.
  • Rainbow: Name says it all.
  • Red Sky: A new vibrant color collection, Red Sky is a mingling of bold grapefruit red, turquoise, and lime with hints of yellow. A few dabs of navy here and there keep this design lightly attached to the earth.


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