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The dancing dress is new this season and is quickly becoming a top favorite! We named it the dancing dress for a reason, once you put it on you are going to want to twirl around and it’s going to put a smile on your face!

Currently, we have the dancing dress in four new vibrant color collections, perfect for the mood of this fabulous, happy dress.

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The Women’s Dancing Dress is available online in the following color collections:

  • Purple Sage: Purple Sage showcases the beauty and wisdom found in shades of purple used throughout history to symbolize royalty and the divine.  Light aqua shimmers through as drizzles of gold amber and deep aqua accent.
  • Mayan Sunset: This collection reflects the awe of majestic sunsets that have inspired ancient art to modern photography with hues of yellow and orange ambers pushing through magenta with splash accents of Caribbean Sea worthy turquoise.
  • Lime Coco: Classic Caribbean hues make up the Lime Coco collection.  Warm setting sun orange-yellows play against the lime color of coconut palms while juxtaposed along the deep blue color of an evening sea skyline.
  • Blue Aqua:  All the favorite colors of the USVI waters dance together in the Blue Aqua color collection. Blue and green turquoise paint like the shimmering sea while deep aqua blue splatters like schools of fish darting below the surface.
  • Peach Wash This design is composed of vibrant peach tones and soft yellow tones.  Peach wash is a vibrant color, full of optimism and sweet summer days.

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