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The Men’s Tropical Cotton shirt is a staple of the Sloop Jones line of celebratory fashion. Light-weight fabric and bright, hand-painted  color make this a perfect shirt to wear in places where the sun is shining and the weather is warm.

Just about every Sloop color collection finds its way to the Men’s Camp Shirt, specific collections and sizes are subject to availability.

Made of 100% cotton, the gauze weave is light enough to allow for plenty of ventilation while still keeping the shirt’s contents a relative mystery. Short sleeves provide ultimate comfort in this close-to-the-equator style.

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Men’s Tropical Cotton Shirt available online in these Color Collections:

  • Aqua Coco: Diagonal sections of aqua and sapphire make up the base of the Aqua Coco design. A triangular wedge of watermelon with hints of lemon splashes across the side of the shirt, outlined by thick dashes of sapphire.
  • Bamboo: One of the artist’s rare earthier palettes, Bamboo works equally well in the tropics and at the mountain cabin. The base is a color wash of robust green, blocks of pumpkin and aqua bring some light to the design, stenciled images in navy and crimson add a bit of whimsy. Bamboo is also available stencil free.
  • Limewash: Where the land meets high tide, Limewash is a soft swirl of Caribbean blues and greens.
  • Pennsyltucky Blu: A rare earthy color collection for Sloop Jones, Pennsyltucky is inspired by the artist’s roots. Soothing lake blue hues stream and drip across the fabric. Adding warmth to this palette are streaked and blotted accents of pumpkin and mustard. This collection can easily be worn in places far from the equator.
  • Pennsyltucky Popcorn
  • Anguilla: New color collection for the 2015/2016 season, Anguilla is the classic cool Carribbean hues of turquoise, mint, and purple, striped together and then off set with a beautiful pop of magenta color drizzle down the center.  A new Sloop Jones color collection favorite!

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