St. John My Happy Place Women’s Tank


Let Sloop’s Caribbean pastels whisk you away all you love of St. John, the teal blue waters of the North Shore beaches, the fluffy white beaches, the bright sun above, all the precious parts of your happy place.

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St. John My Happy Place

St. John is an island like no other.  This island has an amazing aura about it that captivates all of us and has a way of riveting us from the very first visit.  St. John changes lives every day, whether it’s a beautiful experience someone has on the island, another unforgettable vacation or another person who has decides they can’t live without the island and decides to move to St. John.  We all understand our love for St. John and see it in one another.  We all joyfully share our stories of how this beautiful rock, the spirit of the people who inhabit it and how it’s vibes make an incredible positive impact on us all.  The best way to describe it?  St. John is our happy place and we are guessing its yours too.  Let the tropical pastels from Sloop’s East End studios call back your best memories of St. John so when you wear your shirt, your mind is on your happy place…

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