Shirt-of-Art Workshop

The Sloop Jones Workshop is a wonderful way to spend a St. John morning with friends, coworkers or family. It’s even fun to do with complete strangers!

Play with paint, learn about color, and hand-paint your very own shirt of art and cap to take home.

Workshops are usually held on Mondays and Fridays, 9:30a – 12:30p. But other days can be arranged for groups of four or more.

$125 includes a t-shirt and cap to paint and take with you. You can upgrade the garment you paint for a bit more moolah.

Reservations Required.

Use either of the forms on this page to inquire today!

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Red Paint at the Sloop Jones Workshop

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You will start by learning about how colors interact with one another. Experiment with warm and cool colors working only with Q-Tips and paper towels.

Mixing pure blue and white to make light blue at the Sloop Jones workshop
Mixing pure blue and white to make light blue.

After thirty minutes or so, you’ll soon graduate to tools like brushes and stencils on paper to practice a bit more before painting your own wearable art. Then you’ll start with a cap. And after gaining some confidence on a small canvas, you’ll move on to your shirt.

Workshop participants paint while Sloop looks on and helps.
Workshop participants paint while Sloop looks on and helps.

Some Kind Words About Our Workshop:

“So very interesting, learning about color and painting. Even though I am not the most artistic person, I enjoyed the time spent and came away with 2 beautiful shirts for myself. It certainly gives you an appreciation for Sloop’s creations that sell in the store. Great family activity!!”

-Excerpted from Trip Advisor Review, Jan ’14

A vibrant shirt-of-art at the Sloop Jones workshop!
A vibrant shirt-of-art!

“This is our third trip to see Sloop. Two years ago we took his workshop which was lots of fun. We painted beautiful shirts to remind us of our visit. We have gone back year after year to purchase quality island clothing that brings smiles to our faces after our return home. “

-Excerpted from Trip Advisor Review, Nov ’14

Sloop Jones Workshop Final Product: Beach Shorts
Final Product: Beach Shorts

“The workshop exceeded my expectations…Highly recommended. What an amazing and inspired way to spend a beautiful morning on St. John.”

-Excerpted from Trip Advisor Review, Feb ’15


The Sloop Jones workshop is a lot of fun.
This is a lot of fun.

“Despite our mostly quiet concentration, the one sentiment I keep both hearing and saying is: “I could do this all day!”

…And we’re still on the paper towel exercise.”

Read about one of our writer friend’s workshop experiences here.

Fun Videos from a Sloop Jones Workshop.

(It’s iphone quality, but you still get a great feel for the creative play and relaxing fun to be had at a Sloop Jones workshop.)



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