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Sloop Jones Sign Auction to Benefit St. John Animal Care Center

Sloop Jones Sign Auction for St. John ACC

The audio is a tad low. Turn up the volume if you can’t quite hear!
Or just read these few words.

This sign hung at the Coral Bay triangle for several years. We just replaced it with new.

We are auctioning this sign off with proceeds to benefit the St. John Animal Care Center, starting at $125.

Sloop’s late wife and partner, Barbara, supported the ACC and was mom to many cats herself.

Patricia Schneider has already started the bidding at $125, in Barbara’s honor.

The auction will run through July 20th. You can make your bid in the comments section below.

Thank you. And let the bidding begin!

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24 thoughts on “Sloop Jones Sign Auction to Benefit St. John Animal Care Center

  1. $200.00 bid for the puppies!!

    1. Thank you, Jason! Bid is now up to $250.

  2. $250 is current bid from Facebook.

      1. 325.00

        1. Woohoo! Thank you!

  3. 350.00

    1. Yay! Thank you Kim Davenport!


    1. Holy smokes! Does this mean you have 30 cats right now? Or just over the years?

      1. Over 25 yrs, we have 6 now. We lost our oldest a couple mos ago, she was almost 19!

        1. Oh my goodness. You must have taken very good care of her! The kitty gods love you.

  5. I bid $350

    1. Hi Joel. Thank you! We already have a $350 bid – you up for $375?

  6. How about $400!

    1. YAY! Big thanks to you Tim G!

  7. 425.00

    1. Woohoo! Thank you Kath Gordon!

  8. $475 in honor of Dekker our beloved fuzzy wonder

    1. Yay! Thank you so much, Steve Murray. Bless Dekker, the beloved fuzzy wonder.

  9. In memory of Jamie Cockayne. $500.00

    1. Thank you so much Jeanie.

      1. I think I owe you some money. Where should I send the check and who should I make it out to?

        1. Hi Jeanie. Thank you so much for your generosity! Please send us an email at sloopjones @ and we’ll exchange addresses. Thanks!

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