Sloop Jones Cotton and Linen Clothing

Hand-Painted Clothing & Wall Art

Sloop Jones Cotton and Linen Clothing
Soft Like Clouds

Sloop prefers to work with all natural fibers.
Most of his wearable art is made of high-quality,
100% cotton and linen that breathes to keep you cool in hot weather
and feels like home next to your skin.

All of his proprietary dyes and fabric paints are mixed on site
and designed to be soft like clouds to the touch.

This is clothing art made to be worn easily and comfortably for darn near a lifetime.

100% Cotton and Linen Clothing of the Highest Quality

Everything is machine-washable, although we don’t recommend putting your Sloop fashions in the dryer.
Because dryers are hard on clothes, and this isn’t just clothes we’re talking about here.

Wearable Art Hanging to Dry
Wearable Art Holding Hands During Dry Time

One-of-a-Kind Banners and Signs

Sloop Signs Dry During the Golden Hour
Sloop Signs Drying During the Golden Hour

Also part of Sloop’s repertoire is one-of-a-kind, hand-painted banners, and signs.

As a canvas, they offer more space for his fun with color,
but even more so, his fun with words.

Have an idea for a custom sign or banner?
Call 340 779 4001
Sloop will paint something just for you.

All wearable and hanging art pieces are hand-painted in small batches at his home studio on the East End of St. John in the US Virgin Islands.

Sloop Jones' Banners Drying
Banners Drying in the Studio



If you ever travel to St. John and make the long, adventurous drive out to Sloop’s studio, you’ll know why they call it the End of the Road.

We highly recommend you make the trek one day sooner than later though.

You’ll thank us.
It’s fun!

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