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Thoughts of Love from our Friends!

Customer Love

While we love painting, color and all those wonderful things that make Sloop Jones Artwork what it is, what really warms our hearts is when YOU are happy with your purchase!  When we hear or read your thoughts of love, it helps us remember why we love what we do.  Thank you times infinity plus one. Check out this email we got from our friend Robert Prickett yesterday, and his purchase was almost a year ago!!! So much love to you Robert, you are a gem, and you are STYLING!   We also heard from our friend Kathy Kennedy over Facebook, who showed us pics of her incorporating Sloop’s art into her art.  Absolutely beautiful.  We so love seeing photos and hearing your heartwarming words.  Keep the flow of love coming you vibrant and amazing lovely people!  You are awesome.  Check out Kathy and Robert’s words:

Purple Camp Shirt!


I hope this finds you well and that your business is good.
Karen framed and printed this picture for me as a birthday gift. It’s such a good one, I thought I’d share it with you.  Nothing I have ever worn has inspired people, even strangers, to stop me and comment on my apparel, but from the time I bought this shirt, last December 9, starting on island the next day, it happens , literally every time I wear it! People only have things to say about the purple shirt, so it appears your  instincts about that color on a man have been validated!
We’re looking forward to seeing you again next month,  and if you have any other “experimental” colors you want try on me, I’m game!
Best regards,

“I made pillows out of my Sloop Jones quilting scraps I purchased in March at the shop
I accidentally cut the piece on the left and had to make do
If I have my way, my whole cottage will be draped in Sloop Jones Art” – Kathy Kennedy😀

Quilt Squares in Bolsters
Quilt Squares in Bolsters

Kathy's beautiful pillows with Sloop Squares Kathy's Art with Sloop's Turtle

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