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Thoughts of Love from our Friends!

Customer Love

While we love painting, color and all those wonderful things that make Sloop Jones Artwork what it is, what really warms our hearts is when YOU are happy with your purchase!  When we hear or read your thoughts of love, it helps us remember why we love what we do.  Thank you times infinity plus one. Check out this email we got from our friend Robert Prickett yesterday, and his purchase was almost a year ago!!! So much love to you Robert, you are a gem, and you are STYLING!   We also heard from our friend Kathy Kennedy over Facebook, who showed us pics of her incorporating Sloop’s art into her art.  Absolutely beautiful.  We so love seeing photos and hearing your heartwarming words.  Keep the flow of love coming you vibrant and amazing lovely people!  You are awesome.  Check out Kathy and Robert’s words:

Purple Camp Shirt!


I hope this finds you well and that your business is good.
Karen framed and printed this picture for me as a birthday gift. It’s such a good one, I thought I’d share it with you.  Nothing I have ever worn has inspired people, even strangers, to stop me and comment on my apparel, but from the time I bought this shirt, last December 9, starting on island the next day, it happens , literally every time I wear it! People only have things to say about the purple shirt, so it appears your  instincts about that color on a man have been validated!
We’re looking forward to seeing you again next month,  and if you have any other “experimental” colors you want try on me, I’m game!
Best regards,

“I made pillows out of my Sloop Jones quilting scraps I purchased in March at the shop
I accidentally cut the piece on the left and had to make do
If I have my way, my whole cottage will be draped in Sloop Jones Art” – Kathy Kennedy😀

Quilt Squares in Bolsters
Quilt Squares in Bolsters

Kathy's beautiful pillows with Sloop Squares Kathy's Art with Sloop's Turtle

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New Lower Flat Rate Shipping Online

B Simple
B Simple

Not in St John, but still need your Sloop Jones fix? Check out our new online shopping experience! New items are added regularly and we’ve just lowered the flat rate shipping costs! Woot!!!

New flat rate shipping charges for online orders of Sloop Jones clothing and fabric art banners now only $12 within the US for 5 or less items.


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New Year & A New Location: Happy 2016!

Sloop Jones Coral Bay

Sloop Jones is excited to announce our newest location in Coral Bay!

You can now find us with Pirate Girl Charters, next to Pickles and Maho Clayworks.  We’re open Tuesday to Sunday, 9am – 4pm.

You’ll find an entirely new line of hand-painted clothing here that you can’t find at the East End Studio, The Westin, or online.

Can’t make it to the east end or Coral Bay? We’re at the Westin on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9:30-2:30 and much of our collection can be found right here on the website shop!

To a happy and healthy 2016! <3 <3 <3

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Painting With Rainbows!

New tings are going on this season at Sloop Jones and we are all so excited to share them with you!  New people have joined the team, new influences (rainbows!!!) are inspiring our collections, and a new storefront with a brand new line opens this month in Coral Bay.

Let me introduce myself, I’m Lena, one of the newbies, and I’m helping out with the beautiful new website designed by Ashley Joy Ladlie.  Maybe you’ve noticed we now have an online shop? I’ll be adding our new items and color collections regularly.  Join our mailing list to keep up to date and informed of our newest products and online only special sales.

Mailing List Sign-Up

And what’s all this about rainbows? Well, the Sloop Jones workspace has always been bursting with all the colors of the rainbow and now it’s influence is ever more present as a new line of hand-painted, rainbow-inspired home decor is in the works.  Photos and online sales soon come! (It’s gorgeous, you are going to love it!)  And that’s right, the first people to hear about it will be on our mailing list.  🙂

So, the influence of rainbows on Sloop this season can’t go by without mention of another new team member.  Felicia Renaud of Mood-Lights has joined our painting team and her love of rainbows has made an impact for true! Her incredible hand-painted lighting is influenced by rainbows and is just as mesmerizing as it is truly unique.  These lights are socially and eco-consciously made and many of her products are upcycled and/or solar powered.  Add that to these lights being hand-made by an artist running her own small business and you really can’t do any better!


Check out Felicia’s work on her website and shop her Etsy shop!

Mood-Lights Website

Mood Lights Etsy Shop

And don’t forget to sign-up for the newsletter with more info on all the new happenings going on at Sloop Jones!


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Reflecting on images of past work, I see how my work starts with movement.

From an unrecalled story, I recall a line

“starting immediately

pick up the first thing you encounter.”

I’ve embraced that idea.

I grab whatever to start my work.

To begin to make a mark.


I keep this image central in my studio.

Important emotions  balance  respect energize.

Remind me to be lite, be in the moment.

Past is past, Future is a ?

Now is the present.

I seldom sure where I am going the first marks.

With  time  an image and purpose evolve.

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Sloop Jones Sign Auction to Benefit St. John Animal Care Center

Sloop Jones Sign Auction for St. John ACC

The audio is a tad low. Turn up the volume if you can’t quite hear!
Or just read these few words.

This sign hung at the Coral Bay triangle for several years. We just replaced it with new.

We are auctioning this sign off with proceeds to benefit the St. John Animal Care Center, starting at $125.

Sloop’s late wife and partner, Barbara, supported the ACC and was mom to many cats herself.

Patricia Schneider has already started the bidding at $125, in Barbara’s honor.

The auction will run through July 20th. You can make your bid in the comments section below.

Thank you. And let the bidding begin!

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Rainbows are free

Suddenly there are rainbows popping.
Thank you SC. The rainbow is liberated.
We can all embrace the fullness of its light.

62915 rainbows-10

62915 rainbows-11\

2 x 3 rainbow rag  rugs

62915 rainbows-1

62915 rainbows-2

62915 rainbows-3

Full Rainbow T with stretch

62915 rainbows-4

62915 rainbows-5

Partial Rainbow T with stretch

62915 rainbows-8

62915 rainbows-9

Partial Rainbow with stretch.

cool v neck T


62915 rainbows-6

62915 rainbows-7

Partial Rainbow with mermaid

62915 rainbows-12

Full Rainbow shorts

Cotton Guaze where them

 swim  in them

sleep in them

nice .

from Guate!

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La Sirena T’s Bags Garden Signs




This week was simple.62615 final-2


 We did a collection of men’s t’s.

 Sloop Logo back,   a turtle front over our Splash colorway.

turtle front, sloop logo back.  colorway  splash
turtle front, sloop logo back. colorway splash

Next I found a group of bags to work

.62615 final-18


.62615 final-19

62615 final-1762615 final-16

tote bags, one shoulder bag
tote bags, one shoulder bag

62615 final-6

After that I wondered what to do with some signs.

I want to  put these on the East End road.

For now, I settled on the garden wall.

for the garden
for the garden

Remember the “Burma shave” signs along the road in the 60’s?

4 signs, one message
4 signs, one message

62615 final-22

62615 final-23

62615 final-24

We decide to auction off this sign which was hanging at the Coral Bay triangle.

sloop sign

Then I finished a group of mermaid T’s.

On Hi Lo tissue fabric, others on vneck T & men’s T’s.

Each print slightly different.

men's t's, Hi Lo tissue t, v neck t
men’s t’s, Hi Lo tissue t,
v neck t

62615 final-8 62615 final-9 62615 final-10 62615 final-11 62615 final-12 62615 final-13 62615 final-14 62615 final-15

now it’s saturday.

off to play on a roof

hanging a dish.

satellite ishes
satellite ishes

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Sun, Sea & Sails: The Evolution of a Design

working on a commissioned piece today.   looking thru photo files.

so much there which i have forgot.

When Maggie Day asked for a new sign at Concordia Eco Resort, i walked the property.  Sun sea and land spoke.


It evolved from painted rugs  1999.

flag-3 flag-4
each one different. common theme.






buildings inspired by Charlotte Amalia.



found its way onto shirts


cards, and


satellite dishflag-11


Eventually it became one of our best sellers RED SAILS.








Jeff and Martha Toomey covered wall with the concept.


Now I notice it is not a design on our web page.

Some many.

Wonder why this one is still here?